Biotechnology Innovation and Computation Admissions

How to Apply

Our application period is now open. We are currently accepting applications via the online system for admission in the Fall 2017 semester. The deadline for application is February 15, 2017. However, we encourage you to apply early, as we will make admissions offers on a rolling basis.

Program Benefits

Applicants choose Carnegie Mellon University over other, equally competitive schools for a number of reasons. The University's world-class research and researchers in the fields of systems, software engineering, human computer interaction, language technology, and computational biology is paramount in their decision-making. Graduates report that their studies in areas such as large scale systems and industry best practices are well-regarded and highly sought after by corporate recruiters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Biology program or a Computer Science program?
The MSBIC is a Computer Science program in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Our program is focusing on using Machine Learning, Big Data analytics and Text Mining technology to solve problems in the fast growing Bio-science areas (Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, healthcare etc.)

Who hires your graduates?.
Our program's graduates are in high demand. We have 100% placement in the past 4 years (Our program is only in the fifth year) Our students are working at Apple, Amazon, Google, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, IBM, Johnson and Johnson, Roche, GSK, Pfizer, Yahoo, and Boeing, as well as many exciting Start-Up companies. )

What is My Return on Investment? All of our graduates report excellent hiring salaries. Average base salary for 2015 graduates was $122,000; 2014 graduates was $118,000; 2013 graduates was $110,000; plus large signing bonuses and additional perks. Most students receive more than one job offer.

What are the admission criteria for this program?
Like many master degree programs at CMU, the MSBIC program is very selective. Our focus is on the quality of our students and the quality of the educational experience. Most of our admitted students have degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering. English language competency is strongly correlated to academic and professional success. Thus the degree program has a minimum English competency score requirement. A successful applicant will normally have a total TOEFL score of at least 102 (with no sub-score less than 23) or an IELTS score of at least 7.5. The program has a minimum GRE requirement (Verbal . 160, Quant - 165). However, academic performance is the strongest predictor of success in the degree program. We prefer applicants to have minimum GPA of 3.5 or higher.

The application requires a personal essay for the application. What makes a good essay? We are looking for strong evidence that you can do well in our degree program. For example, a description of your academic experience, your achievement in these courses project, is good evidence. A description of a software project, your involvement in the project, and the impact of the project is good evidence. Please write the essay yourself. Get help of course, but it should be substantially your own words.

The application requires letters of recommendation. What makes a good letter?
The strongest letters come from respected advisors, managers and professors who know your work and who write favorably about your work. Although no work experience is required for admission. However, we value some types of work experience, particularly if the experience is close to the type of work our graduates perform.

What about internships? Internships provide an opportunity for an industrial development or industrial experience before graduation. This experience improves the student's access to the company providing the internship and generally improves the student's employment prospects. We encourage students to do an internship.